Outrigger Media releases quantitative ratings for more than 10,000 online video channels

July 31, 2012

SlateScore™ Defines the Value of Video Content to Advertisers

NEW YORK, NY – July 31, 2012 Outrigger Media today announced the release of OpenSlate, the company’s new marketplace for online video. By analyzing measures of engagement, influence and consistency, OpenSlate gives advertisers a new lens on quality in the native digital video space.

OpenSlate tracks more than 10,000 online video producers and measures their ability to attract, engage and influence an audience. By providing one consistent measure of quality – the SlateScore™ – OpenSlate increases the contextual relevance of advertisers' buying decisions, and offers an assurance that the channels delivering their message speak to an engaged, loyal audience.

“There’s a large and growing class of online video content that holds enormous untapped potential for advertisers,” said Mike Henry, Outrigger’s founder and CEO. “The OpenSlate platform shines a bright new light on thousands of online video channels and effectively opens them up for business.”

In addition to the SlateScore™, OpenSlate provides discrete quantitative measures of attributes that advertisers associate with premium video content:

  • Engagement: Measures a channel's ability to consistently attract the attention of its audience and evoke meaningful interaction.
  • Influence: Measures a channel's ability to extend reach and impact by activating its core video viewers and social media audience.
  • Consistency: Tracks video performance characteristics for a video channel over time.

"Limited data about the quality and context of native digital video has been a throttling factor on ad spending,” said Brian Stoller, Managing Partner at Mindshare. “As our clients push further into the space, we value tools that let our planners efficiently source, analyze and buy.”

An example of the data that OpenSlate provides advertisers:

  • Out of the top 100 scored YouTube-funded producers in OpenSlate, 22 have mainstream media roots including The Ellen Show, NBA, Justin Bieber and UFC.
  • The top SlateScore belongs to gaming channel RoosterTeeth with a score of 828. The average SlateScore is currently 310.  
  • The top ranked brands as producers include:
    • Call of Duty: SlateScore of 610 and over 5 million monthly views.
    • Red Bull: SlateScore of 670 and over 9 million monthly views.
    • Google: SlateScore of 631 and over 17 million monthly views.
  • The top performing YouTube-funded channels are:
    • SourceFed: SlateScore of 736 and over 20 million monthly views.
    • WWE Fan Nation: SlateScore of 605 and 13 million monthly views.
    • Red Bull: SlateScore of 670 and over 9 million monthly views.
    • The Onion: SlateScore of 603 and over 2 million monthly views.
    • YOMYOMF: Slate Score of 608 and over 6 million monthly views.

Earlier this year Outrigger announced that it closed a Series A equity financing led by Spring Mountain Capital.


Outrigger Media Inc. develops products and services for the online video ecosystem. Since launching in early 2009, the company has worked with a wide range of producers and dozens of blue chip advertisers. The company’s focus on developing better metrics to value content in the native digital video space led to the development of OpenSlate, a marketplace platform connecting innovative brands and qualified producers at scale. With OpenSlate, and its proprietary SlateScore™, Outrigger has introduced the definitive measure for valuing online video content. In early 2012, the company announced a Series A equity financing led by Spring Mountain Capital. For more information, visit To explore more than 10,000 online video channels, visit

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